Be inspired by the incredible journey of a Cuban Refugee who became a highly respected Ophthalmologist, Ocular and Cosmetic Surgeon.

Learn Dr. Justo's foolproof Blueprint for Super-Sustained Success and discover how mastering the art of delayed gratification will activate your human potential and personal greatness.

Take charge of your life with The Power of Pause: Mastering Delayed Gratification for Success and unleash the undeniable power of delaying gratification!

Emilio Justo M.D.’s foolproof success strategies, honed and refined over four decades, have led him to extraordinary heights, and now he’s here to share his secrets and guidance with you.

As a Cuban Refugee who arrived in America with his family and nothing else, Dr. Emilio Justo proves that lack of privilege is not an obstacle to success and that creating resilience and life fulfillment are keys to an enriching life.

Here’s what you will gain by reading and applying Dr. Emilio Justo’s Success Strategies:

Are you ready to embrace your best self, activate personal mastery, and achieve profound abundance, peace, joy, and success? Dr. Justo’s revolutionary approach in The Power of Pause: Mastering Delayed Gratification will inspire you to transform your impulses into conscious awareness, creativity, and long-lasting achievements while experiencing inner peace, external success, freedom, and prosperity.

Filled with real-life stories, scientific insights, and charming tales, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to harness personal mastery and super-sustained success! Dr. Emilio Justo candidly recounts his hard-earned lessons to help you understand your journey and unlock your full potential as you practice The Power of Pause and Master Delayed Gratification.

Whether you’re looking to excel in your career, improve your relationships, or gain personal freedom, Dr. Emilio Justo’s proven holistic strategies and mastery of The Power of Pause and Delayed Gratification will help you achieve abundance in all areas of your life. Buckle up and get ready to be inspired!

Praise for Emilio Justo, M.D.’s Book:
The Power of Pause: Mastering Delayed Gratification for Success
Your Blueprint for Resilience and Enduring Fulfillment

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