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Dr. Justo has bottled his deepest secrets to success. He reveals his exclusive Success Code and the holistic traits and characteristics essential for attaining Super Sustained Success, life fulfillment, and freedom for anyone who takes his journey! Proven, inspirational, and lasting lessons!

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Dr. Justo's First TEDx Talk: TEDxCherryCreekHS Stage
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Delayed Gratification:
Your Superpower to Success!

Dr. Emilio Justo's first TEDx Talk, Delayed Gratification: Your Superpower to Success, is Ranked #3 Worldwide for 2023!

Dr. Justo is your top choice for Personal Mastery: Keynote Presenter, Television and Podcast Guest Expert, Teacher, and Guide!

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THE POWER OF PAUSE: Mastering Delayed Gratification for Success

A Blueprint for Resilience and Enduring Fulfillment Now Available on Amazon

Prepare to embark on an exciting journey of inspiration with Emilio Justo, M.D. – a Cuban refugee who overcame all odds to achieve the American Dream. As a highly respected Ophthalmologist and Ocular and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Justo has gone above and beyond to give back to others by designing a Success Code and Blueprint for Life Resilience that leads to enduring fulfillment.

Adopt Dr. Justo’s infallible Blueprint for Super-Sustained Success and unlock your potential by mastering the art of Delayed Gratification and The Power of Pause. Dr. Justo’s insightful guidance will enable you to tap into your human potential, fortify your life resilience, and attain personal mastery.

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